Hey! My name is Maciek, practically from childhood I was interested in computer equipment and technological novelties. My mom always says that my favourite toys were a computer mouse and remote control of the TV. Over the years, this penchant for technology and computers not faded for me, but on the opposite way, it increased. As a result, computers have become my passion and career, determinant of living standards. Every day I run an own computer service, and I am chairman of the Games club “Pacman” (that is not only old games, but also arrangement of the latest tournaments production).

Although basically my whole life goes around computers and games, I still feeling I was missing something that would allow me to communicate, and develop my knowledge in further levels. That’s why I created this blog – to share my computer passion with the world.

You will find on the Desktop Evolution, texts about computers, software, gaming, telecommunications equipment and everything that is related to the technological news. Even those outside the immediate area of ​​IT (after what we have close to the rigid framework?;)) I invite all those who like me, are passionate for technologies and those who have little knowledge about it, but would like to learn more.