Game consoles

Slim PlayStation 4 and 4 S PlayBook

One of them is an official product of the company, the second is the transformation by one of the fans – both consoles deserve the attention of hard-core gamers.

Slim PlayStation 4

In the case of the PlayStation 4 Slim, Sony launched a new model, with much smaller shapes, but also with the set of components present in the earlier consoles. What makes this device is really remarkable. Small and which pays particular attention to extremely modern Slim format, that does not take much space and you can use it  in both ways- vertical or horizontal.

PlayBook 4 S

PlayStation 4 Slim, although small and handy, is not suitable to use it as a portable console.. It was, however, a PlayStation fan, who remade the official product complementing it with a 19 inch screen. In this way, he stood PlayBook 4, which can be treated as a portable console, with the proviso that it must be plugged in. The inventor playbook – Edddie Zaric offers holders of the PlayStation 4 Slim service to rewrite their device to a mobile playbook.