Most economically monitor

This time I decided to go slightly off the topic- giant gaming and take a review of models of monitors, which for its price offer very good quality parameters. I created a ranking of such models, which shows that thinking about buying a monitor for your PC, the best options available on the shelf, maybe is Asus and AOC, it turned out that it is precisely these two brands which offer a really high quality, with no so expensive prices.

Asus MX25AQ

This 25 inch trinket has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and presents the image in the excellent quality with accurately mapped colours. In addition, the frame of the screen is very thin, which largely increases the comfort of working with this monitor.


This is one of the cheapest monitors which we will present to you today, while offering exceptional image quality in full HD version. Faithfully reproduces colours, it also has a very good image parameters. In addition, an unusual case and 23.8-inch screen, makes it a popular choice monitor.