Network devices

MOST Network

MOST adapters is a device that allows you to filter the signals in the network, thanks to a network connected, it can use a variety of physical and logical protocol. Most bridges operate in the second layer of OSI. Bridges will allow depending on the destination address to determine the optimal path data and determine where the data is sent.

We are talking about two types of network bridges:

Transparent bridges – are also called transparent or intelligent, they are used primarily in the construction of networks. This kind of bridges when connect to the network they start learning and mapping the network. Then allow faster transmission of information, selecting the most optimal path transmission. In case of damaged, it start building a new system in  such a path.

Bridges realizing source routing – this type of bridge occurs when a Token Ring network. The purpose of this bridge is to transfer data to the most optimal path, and this time it’s not a bridge which chooses this path, but it reads the information contained in the packets.