Koby Lake, which is the latest generation of Intel processors

Koby Lake is the latest 14-nanometer processors from Intel. Compared with the predecessor Skylake, it  not differs significantly from the previous design, but there are  minor improvements to make both advanced users fond tune their PCs and average owners of computers for home use, will see the differences in the use of computers based on Intel processors from generation Koby Lake.

Increased base and energy management

From Skylake Kobe is distinguishes among other things, with the increased base, which makes equipment much more efficient. Other great advantage is the significantly improve of  power management processor, that translates into better performance time. All this together makes Kobe Lake an absolute product, must for fans which appreciate speed associated with better hardware.

VP9 and decoding module VQE with a wider palette of colours

Support for decoding and VP9 module VQU let you watch videos on YouTube or Netflix in the highest resolution available, which will not be available for those who do not have Kobe Lake.