What is RAM?

RAM is a basic type of digital memory, a so-called random access, which enables storage of information and data, which is currently used by computer programs and analysis of the data provided by the tool. Name RAM comes from the English expression of random-access memory. The memory RAM is divided into two types: dynamic and static.

Dynamic memory is slower than static, also requires refreshing in order to not lose the data. However, it is relatively cheap to install, it is used mainly in computers that require high-capacity memory. For high capacity support is always used the dynamic memory.

Static memory requires no refresh is also much faster than dynamic memory, however, much more expensive as well. This type of memory is used when more speed is necessary or when there is no space for installation of the system to refresh – dynamic memory. Static memory is used among other things as a cache processor.

The RAM is used as the main memory of all computers, but also as a memory of individual components, among other things: the CPU, VGA card, sound card drivers, or computer.

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