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One of the better-souls like last year!

When you first meet the game Nioh, we get the impression that this is another production of the branch From Software, but when you get to know it better, you realize that Nioh is issued by Team Ninja, though evidently inspired by the Dark Souls. Though Nioh presents much higher level and give more opportunities for the players.

Nioh is a game set in feudal Japan, the main character is a samurai William Adams, who must find and defeat the English alchemist, to recover his guardian spirit. Along the way samurai must overcome a number of Japanese demons – Yokai and other powerful bosses.

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What is interesting at first glance, it seems that resource weapon which is available Adams is definitely small, while it turns out that each of the weapons you can hold in three different ways, which gives a wide spectrum of possibilities.

Nioh may not be a masterpiece in terms of graphics, but successive boards were created in an unusual atmosphere, which can very much catch up in the game world.

Nioh huge advantage is the level of difficulty of the game, it is not easy to go through to win the stages and, is not enough merely massacring opponents, but you should also find ways to win. This is what makes Nioh a fantastic ten-entertainment.